Symon Communication Investing In Brand Development

If you work in the digital signage industry and you don’t know who Symon Communication is you might take a moment to read an interview with Symon’s CEO, Charles Ansley. If you are in the growing Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) marketing business there is a very good chance you don’t know Symon.

Having worked for this company from 1996 – 2008 I can attest that this company is probably one of the 5 largest digital signage providers in the world but it has a disproportionately small brand awareness in the Digital Signage / DOOH markets.

If you need signage for any internal communication application such as employee communication, contact center, supply chain / manufacturing, or help desk / NOC then this company should be on your short list of candidates.

Symon has always seemed to lack market share in customer facing applications, at least for a company of their size. The article published by DailyDOOH highlights marketing and social media efforts to build presence in these spaces. If they are succesful in raising their brand awareness watch for this company to grow rapidly in the retail / gaming / hospitality/ healthcare markets.


About Rob Edgcombe

Rob has been in the Audio Visual production industry since 1985 and has been working with Digital Signage / DOOH networks since 1989. He has additional expertise in video production for corporations and small businesses, audio visual content for presentations and trade shows, photography, print, and social media campaigns.
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